This is for the mommie who don’t know if they’re having a little boy or girl. (: Everything is going to be brand-spankin-new! And shipped directly to you! :D

This one includes :

  • Koala Baby Robe & Booties - Duck
  • Carter’s Neutral Print 5 Pack
  • Baby Magic;s Rub A Dub Fun Tub
  • Carter’s Neutral “I Love Mommy” Bear 3 Piece, Bodysuit-Pants-Hat
  • Pearhead Imprints Hanging Keepsake


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So because there is no second place prize due to money and trying to stay on a budget there’s a surprise giveaway. By reblogging/liking this you are automatically being entered. 


Baby giveaway!

I’m pretty sure my baby is rarely head down because she seems to never be pushing on my bladder! I have been thankful for this throughout my entire pregnancy but I hope she does eventually decide to turn!

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Hahah too funny!

Oh my gosh do I love this!

Lol too cute!


This is great!

First Time Mom


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First time mom come April! :)




Hey ladies that are TTC, WTTC, expecting, or current mamas!!!!

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Mommy of a two year old boy and also expecting :)

28 weeks!! Due April 22nd!


My husband literally has a boner watching Top Gear.

LOL. I feel the same way about my bf.



someone remind me what these are called….. i want one now

I should make these!

I want pastries!!

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Loaded waffles + nutrient-packed smoothie. I feel great just looking at this!

25 week update and nursery theme.

To see the entire post including pictures of my daughter’s nursery theme inspiration go to my pregnancy blog here —> My Little Sprout.

25 week update!

How far along? 25 weeks.

Total weight gain? Almost 15 pounds. This baby is getting massive, and quick!

Belly size? 35 3/4 inches.

Stretch marks? None.

Baby’s sex? A little girl.

Size of baby? Estimated at 13 1/2 inches and 1 1/2 pounds!

Movement? I’m pretty sure she has set up her own workout times. This morning I woke up and just stared at my belly for at least 20 minutes. The whole things was bumping around and I could feel her from every side. Then there would be slow movements like she was trying to sneak somewhere but she doesn’t realize that I can feel a ton of pressure when all of her weight is in one spot!

What is your baby doing? My daughter could have hair now! I wish I could have an ultrasound done to try and see it. She’s pretty skinny for now, but she’s filling in her baby chub this week and from now on. :)

What is your body doing? My uterus is as far up as halfway between my belly button and sternum… And I can tell.

Belly button in or out? Still flat for now. Not ready for it to poke out yet!

Happy or moody most of the time? Feeling better, probably since I have had yesterday and today off from work. I think that really does affect my mood, which is a shame because I still feel physically able to put in some extra hours at work. :(

Symptoms? Still had nightmares through the end of last week. I felt like last night was the first night I slept all the way through without waking up sweating or frightened. Which also makes me sad because it’s the first night I’ve slept without Ashton in a while. :( I also have been feeling a strong “pulling” sensation under my belly as the end of the day nears. Probably because my belly is getting heavier and I am on my feet all day at work.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new and I haven’t worn my new shirts yet, but my third trimester is just around the corner and I think they will be necessary at that point!

Sleep? Nightmares are slowly going away I think. Other than that I don’t wake up at all. Sometimes my upper back or shoulders ache in the morning. I actually think it depends on what pillow I use.

Food cravings? Anything sweet and chocolate this week. Chocolate cake, smores, dark chocolate bars, oreos, chocolate chip muffins. Looking back though, I have only had 1 smore, 1 chocolate chip muffin, and…. 7 oreos.  I’m a little ashamed about the oreos.

Anything make you feel queasy or sick? Nope!

Miss anything? Being able to get into the car without grunting! I’ve concluded that the grunting is partially due to my coat and not all because of my belly. I’m so bundled up in the thing it’s hard to bend!

Looking forward to? Getting started on my diy projects for baby’s nursery. I’ve been gathering my ideas over the past couple days and can’t wait to get started! I feel like I’m getting a late start since she will be here in about 15 weeks and we will be moving to a new apartment and I will inevitably feel less motivated at some point. I hope I get everything done that I want to.

Best moment this week? We had been tossing some baby names around, mostly ones that came from websites, and we didn’t really end up liking any. I thought of a name back in October that I loved (and still like it), but I could tell it wasn’t Ashton’s favorite. One day, he told me a few names that he thought of. I was instantly attracted to one of them and have been thinking about it for about a month now. I have fallen in love with it and eventually started talking to my daughter using this name. That is when I decided it has to be her name and I probably won’t change my mind at this point. On our snow day (which happened to be my day off), baby and I went outside to play. I wrote her name in the snow and sent a picture of it to Ashton when he was at work. I hope he got the hint that I’m done searching for names because I think he found the perfect one. ♥


—from my pregnancy blog, My Little Sprout.

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My daughter’s heartbeat @ 14 weeks (10 weeks ago)

Epidural for pain during labor & birth.

I have posted my views and decision on getting an epidural over on my blog. Check it out!

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24 week pregnancy update! :)

How far along? 24 weeks.
Total weight gain? I think like 12-13 pounds.
Belly size? 35 1/2 inches. I broke my measuring tool today too…. Okay so it was just one of those 39 inch paper tape measures from IKEA lol I was about to outgrow it anyway…. haha.
Stretch marks? None.
Baby’s sex? A sweet baby girl.
Size of baby? Almost a foot long!
Movement? She’s basically like a pterodactyl flapping around before meal time.
What is your baby doing? Baby’s lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree”, as well as cell that will help them inflate after birth.
What is your body doing? My uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Imagine that! =O
Belly button in or out? Pretty darn flat.
Happy or moody most of the time? Some days I feel like I am in no mood at all. Just letting the day pass me by. I’m thinking it’s due to working so much that it’s making my brain numb! lol This week might be my last of working 6 days!
Symptoms? Terrible nightmares this week…. I hate when they are baby related. I definitely woke up sweating several nights and also woke up and cried one morning. Ashton curled up behind me and spooned me until I calmed down. He is too good to me. ♥
Maternity clothes? I got two maternity shirts from my step mom for Christmas! They are really cute with scrunchy sides. As soon as my belly is too big to fit into my current clothes I’ll definitely be wearing these!
Sleep? Nightmares :(
Food cravings? Smores. And strawberries.
Anything make you feel queasy or sick? Nope!
Miss anything? I can’t think of anything in particular right now.
Looking forward to? Our next OB appointment on Jan 14th. I’m getting another blood screening done and a glucose test. Of course I can’t wait to hear baby’s heart again. :)
Best moment this week? Christmas with my family. It was one of the funnest I’ve had in a long time. Mom made a super yummy dinner, a trivia game that we all failed miserably at, and a fun way of stuffing our own stockings. She’s the best. :) Also, going to the movies with Ashton as our Christmas treat. ♥








“Start on January 1st with an empty jar. Throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. On December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year.”

I’m reblogging this again, to remind people that reblogged this earlier in the year with the “I’M GOING TO DO THIS” comments. Now, here it is. I’m reminding you. You said you would do this. Now join me and start this Tuesday.

I genuinely love this idea. I am going to do this. I will post pictures of my jar and everything. 

oh wow this is a beautiful idea

doing this

I actually did this this year, it’s almost time to open it

I did this this year, too! (:

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