i got a new sweater over the weekend!!

Changed my profile pic.


Hello, Bad Ass. :)

me & my boo. <3

ps. she is wearing my shirt!

Photo set 5 of 5.

Okay, my photo spam is over. :(

Photo set 4 of 5.

Photo set 3 of 5.

Photo set 2 of 5.

Today is the first day of Women’s History month!! I have, of course, celebrated by utilizing my photobooth!! Which means I’m going to post the results of my photoshoot every hour until 9pm, starting now! So basically: 4 new photos every hour, all with photobooth effects (except this first set), starring meee.

Yeah, I was bored. Still am.

these are finger puppets that i made my roommates over holiday break. snape, hermione, ron, and harry. snape looks like a woman though. ahahahha, so androgynous!!!!

Day 11: Your Siblings

I have 2 sisters and 2 half-brothers. my older sister, Desiree, is 23 and lives with her boyfriend. My younger sister, Deasha, is 19 and lives with my mom. Both of my half-brothers, (Noah-10 & Logan-8) live with my dad.


Deasha, Desiree & Me- this was 3 years ago at Hampton Beach on Desiree’s 20th birthday

Me, Desiree & Deasha- This was 3 1/2 months ago at my Halloween party

Deasha & Logan

Noah doesn’t like having his picture taken so I don’t have any of him on my computer :(

i don’t really wear nail polish ever. i haven’t in years actually. but i went out today and thought it would be fun to get some, so i got brink blue, lickety-split lime and lightening polish. :) as you can see i tried out the lickety-split lime first!!

Day 10: What You Wore Today

today is saturday, and i did not go out of the house. actually i went to walmart and bought nail polish. but it was bum day so i’m wearing a hoodie, my old rare vinyl shirt, and black pj pants. oh, and this is my bedroom. the white christmas lights aren’t actually that intense. my hamsters almost made it in this picture. they’re cage is on the floor on the bottom right but you probably can’t tell.

Day 08: A Moment

That awkward moment when you realize you and your sister both take pictures of yourself the same way when you’re alone.

Day 01: Introduce yourself.

my name is dani. i am 22 years old. i live in New Hampshire and it’s snowing a lot. i am studying sociology and women’s studies. i am a feminist. i am anti-pornography and pro-erotic, consensual sex. i support all genders and identities and i love androgyny. i’ve been out of the closet since i was 14. i’m genderqueer. i have a gf who’s also pretty androgynous. her name is benny (follow). we have a puppy named chip. i am really into photography, but can never fit it into my class schedule. i love all forms of art and am currently taking a drawing class. i like tegan and sara, paramore, matt and kim, chris pureka, sara bareilles, an horse, etc. the last movie i watched was the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love—which is like a classic in the world of lesbian movies. i like green tea alone and most other teas with honey, sugar, or milk (or combination). i like coffee coolattas from dunkin donuts and double chocolate chip frappuccinos from starbucks. i like almost anything made with chocolate, unless it has coconut or almonds. i drink occasionally, not excessively. i don’t smoke cigarettes, nor do i like being around chain smokers. my favorite color is purple, but i also like red. i have 5 tattoos and 10 piercings. most importantly, i LOVE owls.

well, that was a long introduction. if you want to know anything else, you can always use my ask box.

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